About us

Founded in 2010 by Ben Crowe, Kendric Projects has come a long way from its beginnings. With newly added business partner Keith Rach a change in the company dynamics has been felt instantly. Our goal has always been to take a new perspective on providing innovative solutions to product development that better enable first responders to accomplish their jobs.

We pride ourselves at Kendric on working directly with our customer to fully understand their needs and requirements before offering a solution, from the solution then and only then comes a product that makes a difference. With our focused offering, each product has a story and we give more credit to our customers then ourselves for each product’s inception.

With a vision to separately serve the unique needs of ground medics and air medics, the divisions within the company became clear.  Both with our technical outerwear and unique medic kits we feel confident that our products will meet and exceed your needs.

Ben Crowe                                                                Founder and Head Designer | Kendric Projects Ltd.

Ben Crowe, President, and founder of Kendric Projects Ltd., a Company built solution provider and product innovator specializing in technical First Responders Apparel.

Outerwear Apparel Design and product innovation have been at the root of Ben’s core purpose. At a young age, he created his own Snowboard clothing and accessory line – Crowe Apparel, demonstrating his pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating exemplary products. By the time Ben was 17 years old he had established and employed a full production team, creating a unique Outwear Apparel Line that optimized function and design for his customers.

Over the years, Ben has been involved in the startup of multiple ventures from various industries, including Quarantine Restraints Ltd.- a leader in the cargo restraints for the light-duty vehicle industry. Still today you can find him behind a sewing machine focused on bringing to life a solution to customers needs by constructing samples and prototypes. Ben has worked alongside elite First Responders when designing Kendric Projects, taking into account their unique requirements in product development. When it comes to meeting the apparel and accessory needs of his customers, Ben’s passion for exceptional Design and Innovation brings products to market that truly make a difference.